About Us

IcarusTel offers peace of mind to each and every customer. We understand your background and culture, listen to your needs, presenting exceptional value and delivering reliable communication services.

Our goal is that our customers can stay longer on line, without worrying about the phone bill.

Now anyone can tell friends and family about IcarusTel and SAVE over 60% on your current long distance bill.

IcarusTel service connects family and friends worldwide. Location doesn't matter when you are using our service!

Based out of Salem OR in 2004, and moved to Blaine WA in 2017, IcarusTel has grown to be the best choice for customers. Our easy to use service, friendly and competent customer service, very low rates make us to be envied by all our competitors. Using the last minute technology we deliver quality service focusing on the ultimate goal: OUR CUSTOMER SATISFACTION!

IcarusTel Advantages:
  • No credit applications
  • No connection fees
  • No monthly fees
  • No surcharges or hidden fees
  • No switching carriers or current service providers
  • No contracts
  • NO fineprint!!!
  • Collect calls from Romania to USA (and soon from Russia and Arabic countries)
  • Referral savings
  • 50% discount on your (or your spouse/partner) birthday for all the calls to Romania, Russia, Arabic countries (please call us and ask about the 50% birthday discount)
  • Customer service in 3 languages free of charge