How to call

Step 1 – Dial the local access number:



Step 2 - Wait for the Voice prompt

a) If calling from a registered phone number go to Step 3

b) If calling from an unregistered phone number, dial the PIN followed by "#", then go to Step 3

Step 3 - Dialing rules

Calls to North America:
Dial 1 + the Area Code + the phone number + #
Calls to International Destinations:
Dial the Country Code + City Code + the Phone Number + #
The customer will receive a separate detailed monthly bill from IcarusTel for any calls made during the monthly billing period.

PIN Number*

With a PIN number you have the freedom of using the service whenever you want, wherever you want, not being confined to the use of your home phone number or by expensive cell rates. Customers that have registered their phone number for long distance but wish to use IcarusTel's long distance service from an unregistered phone can do so by using their PIN number.

For more information and/or to receive a PIN number, please contact customer service at 1-888-602-6266

*to receive a PIN number, you must be a registered customer with a pay as you go plan. Lost or stolen PIN is the responsibility of the customer. IcarusTel is not responsible for any lost or stolen PINs. Do not share or offer your PIN to anyone!